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Year 7 at The Link

Year 7: A Springboard into Secondary School

In Years 7 and 8 learners benefit from an engaging curriculum, which is competency based. It’s deliberately not too big a change from primary school teaching, so that children can use methods that they already understand to start tackling new subjects. There is a particular emphasis on literacy, numeracy and digital literacy - the foundations for highly effective learning in future years.

We place a lot of emphasis on Collaborative learning. Learners will usually be seated in groups rather than rows, and ideas, thoughts and opinions will be discussed in a structured way followed across all lessons. This ensures that learning is active and thought-provoking. It also ensures that all learners are engaged in the learning process and not just a few who might be asked questions by the teacher.

The Resilience programme is designed for those learners who join us having achieved a scaled score of 100 or below in their Key Stage 2 SATS. We want every child to achieve their full potential at secondary school, and Resilience plays a key part in making that happen.

The Resilience Department has its own bespoke classrooms, individualised ICT provision and dedicated teachers. Learners on the Resilience programme spend ten hours a week studying interesting themes from geography and history in a way that improves their reading, comprehension, writing, spelling, grammar and communication skills. We use an artificial intelligence programme called ‘Lexia’ to give learners have their own personalised learning paths that accelerate their progress. This approach enables them to make a big leap forward, catching up with the children in their age group and acquiring the skills that they will need throughout their time in school and college.

Lastly, we want to ensure that our learners gain a range of personal attributes that make them more independent, confident and ready to join the main school; in Resilience they learn leadership, organisation, initiative and communication skills that will make them ‘resilient’ in the future.