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Mathematics equips students with uniquely powerful ways to live in, describe, analyse and change the world. It can stimulate moments of pleasure and wonder for all students when they solve a problem for the first time, discover a more elegant solution, or notice hidden connections. Students who are functional in mathematics and financially capable are able to think independently in applied and abstract ways, as well as being able to reason, solve problems and assess risk.

Mathematics is a creative discipline. The language of mathematics is international. The subject transcends cultural boundaries and its importance is universally recognised. The study of mathematics has developed over time as a means of solving problems and developing high level abstract thinking.

KS3 Curriculum

We begin in Year 7 by articulating the process of becoming a mathematician and thinking mathematically. Particular skills are thinking for yourself and asking questions; writing down what you notice; being organised and systematic; being sure and testing and explaining your ideas.

To support learners in becoming aware of what they do when working mathematically we use KS3 curriculum time to immerse students in a topic for a longer block of time which enables them to make deep progress.

At The Link Academy, we use a wide range of rich mathematical tasks where students are challenged to work collaboratively to improve their mathematical thinking. All students are given the opportunity to study difficult topics whilst also consolidating previously studied topics. We believe that the most effective learners persevere with challenging tasks and learn by making mistakes. Everyone can improve with hard work, effort and determination.

KS4 Curriculum

We believe that all learners should have the opportunity to benefit fully from a broad and balanced SMART curriculum programme, which makes a relevant and strong contribution to a learner’s education.

Our highly skilled and motivated teachers provide a healthy ethos for all learners.  They aim to:

  • Reinforce an expectation that all learners are capable of achieving high standards in Mathematics
  • Foster deep conceptual and procedural knowledge at all points across the curriculum
  • Ensure what is learned is sustained over time by becoming fluent in the fundamentals of Mathematics
  • Encourage achievement in the areas of confidence and competence
  • Develop resilience in learners and reduce anxieties in Mathematics.This ‘mastery style’ ethos is demonstrated in Years 7 and 8, over 4 lessons per week, by adopting an inclusive Resilience or L4L curriculum, which includes a variety of learning strategies that encourage motivation and meet the needs of all learners.

Learners are taught in mixed ability groups giving rise to a collaborative learning experience, boosting confidence and allowing rapid progress to be made.

In Years 9, 10 and 11, learners study towards a qualification from Edexcel in GCSE Mathematics at Higher and Foundation tiers.

Year 9 learners have 8 lessons, Years 10 and 11 have 10 lessons, over a two-week period. Years 10 and 11 programmes include two bespoke lessons dedicated to enhancing the weak areas identified from regular formal and low-stakes assessments.

Throughout the year there are 6 assessment points for all year groups which take the form of relevant past GCSE papers.


Homework is set in Mathematics for a variety of reasons. These include; practising techniques, application, problem-solving, computer based learning, investigations and writing up findings amongst others. Homework is checked regularly and feedback is given to help the students improve. In KS4, students have additional work to complete each week using the Century Tech. These videos and tasks allow pupils to revise topics and seek help to overcome difficulties with the support of teachers and parents. This supports students in developing as independent learners of mathematics. All students have their username and password for Mathswatch and the PiXL maths app stuck in the front of their planner. These fabulous resources can be used to further accelerate progress.

Meet the team

Curriculum Team Leader: Mrs M Sheldon-Davies

Assistant Curriculum Leader: Mr S Purcell

Maths Coach: Mrs S Bagley


  • Mr N Abbas
  • Miss I Cross
  • Mrs N Emran
  • Mr T Gardner
  • Miss P Jandu
  • Miss A Thacker