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Learning Platform Password Reset


Hegarty Maths

The school does not have access to your password, if you forget it you will need to submit a request for your teacher to reset it.  Follow the usual login method and click the reset link.  Please note that this will take time, so please make a note of your password to avoid resetting it.

SAM Learning

You can access this via RM Unify and using the following login method.

RM Unify

This is you main login using your school username and password - please ensure you have this noted down.  You can access this via the school website.  Once logged in, you have access to the learning platforms.


To reset your password please follow the 'I've forgotten my login details' link via the usual login page.  Enter your email address to get your password recovered.

Show My Homework

This platform automatically logs in via RM Unify.