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Brief Overview

The purpose of education is to introduce sophisticated forms of knowledge through learning that inspires.  Education should give pupils the cultural capital to help make sense of the world beyond their everyday and dream big.  History provides a unique opportunity to develop pupils’ empathy and appreciation of differing societies to encourage respect of each other and their world.  Pupils should receive opportunities to investigate, challenge and form interpretations about the past taking into consideration a range of historical context.  This will develop pupils who think independently.

KS3 Curriculum

At Key Stage 3 we have developed a curriculum which examines British, European and World history.  Learners develop a chronological overview that enables them to make connections within and across different periods and societies.  As learners develop their understanding of the nature of historical study, they develop their skills in literacy, source analyse and oracy in historical debates.  

KS4 Curriculum

We want our GCSE learners to continue engaging with the past as effective and independent learners.  History creates young people who question and acquire key skills essential to be successful in the future.  AQA History specification supports these priorities:

“We believe in the importance of learning from history. That's why we've designed a specification that enables students to study different aspects of the past, so they can engage with key issues such as conflict, understand what drives change and how the past influences the present.”

Meet the team

Miss Wood – Curriculum Team Leader
Miss West – Teacher of History
Mr Brotheridge – Teacher of History
Mrs Tromans – Teacher of History, SEND coordinator