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Before examinations

When will I receive my examination timetable?

Exam timetables are issued about 1 month prior to the first examination in a series. If you haven't received your timetable three weeks before your first exam please speak to your teacher or the Examinations Officer as soon as possible. If you notice anything is incorrect or missing from your timetable you should inform your teacher or the Examinations Officer as soon as possible.

I've lost my exam timetable. Can I have a replacement?

You must keep all documents relating to examinations safe and secure. Lost items will be replaced by the school, but this might take some time. Speak with your teacher.

During examinations

I've missed the start time of the examination, what should I do?

You should get to the school as quickly as possible. If possible, phone the school to say you are on your way, but do not delay. It is best if your parent/carer brings you to school and walks you in to reception and speaks to the receptionist.

After examinations

I've lost my exam certificates, where can I get replacements?

The school does not produce exam certificates and is therefore unable to issue replacements. Replacements can usually be obtained from the relevant awarding body. There is a charge for the service.

My name is spelt wrongly on my certificate. Can I have a new one?

All candidates must inform the school immediately if their name appears incorrectly on their examination timetable or results slip. Failure to do this may result in your certificate being printed incorrectly.

There is normally a charge to have your certificate altered. Your certificate will be returned to the examination board for replacement.

Please note that certificates will only be printed using the candidate's legal name at the time the grade was awarded.

My name has changed since I collected my certificate. Can I get a certificate in my new name?

No, the name on your certificate will be your name on the date the result was awarded. You are not entitled to update certificates due to subsequent name changes.

I left the school 1 or more years ago and didn't collect my certificates. Can I have them now?

Please contact the school as early as possible. Please note it is the candidate's responsibility to collect their results/certificates as the school does not held on to them indefinitely. If the school no longer has your certificates then they will need to be obtained from the awarding body and there will be a charge.

I'm not happy with my exam result, can I have my paper remarked?

If you believe you have been graded incorrectly then you should approach your teacher in the first instance. You must do this as soon as possible after receiving your result, as there is only a limited amount of time when action can be taken. It may be possible to have your paper remarked but the awarding body may issue a charge for this service.

REMEMBER: Your exams are very important and you will carry the results with you for the rest of your life. If you have any concerns or queries about any aspect of your examinations you should speak with your teacher straight away.