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Examination Room

Starting your examination

You will be told what time you should be in school before your examination. It is important that you are in school at the time you are given so that you can be sat in the correct seat. Before entering the examination room you should remove your equipment from your bag. Once you enter you must be silent, put your bag where directed, and find your seat quickly. Stand behind your seat and check that the candidate card on the desk belongs to you. If you cannot find your seat you should put your hand up.


If you are caught cheating or attempting to cheat you will be reported to the examination board (this is called ‘misconduct’). We have a legal responsibility to report all cases of misconduct. In nearly all cases you will face disqualification.

If you disrupt or disturb an examination by any means this is also considered ‘misconduct’ and you will be reported to the examination board in the same way. In nearly all cases you will be disqualified.

Please be aware that misconduct can lead to disqualification from several examinations, even if they are with other boards. This will be at the discretion of the examination boards concerned and is not decided by Hillcrest School. You may also be charged by the school in order to recover the costs we have incurred.

Examples of misconduct:

  • Being in possession of a mobile phone or electronic device, even if it is switched off
  • Using unauthorised materials or aids
  • Having any notes on your hands or clothes
  • Communicating or attempting to communicate (talking, tapping, humming or other noises, making signs, turning round, laughing/sniggering)
  • Copying or allowing others to copy (do not hold up your papers - keep them on the desk)
  • Frequently rocking on your chair

Please note this is not a full list.

The rules on misconduct apply from the time you enter the examination room until the time you leave.

Vandalism and graffiti

You must not vandalise or graffiti on any equipment or materials. You must not write on the examination desk or on your examination card. You will be expected to pay for any damage and this might be reported to the examination board. You should not doodle on your examination papers.

If you have finished your paper then use the time to check through your answers. You are free to rest your head on your arms on your desk.

If you need help

If you need help at any time during the examination you should put your hand up and invigilator will come to speak with you. Please remember that invigilators cannot help you with questions and answers (such as reading a word to you or suggesting which questions you answer etc).