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Key Stage 3

Students explore a number of topics to build drama skills and techniques.  This includes working on how to effectively and creatively present information to an audience.  Students then develop their work by drawing on different genres of theatre.

Key Stage 4

In Year 9 students refine their skillset, and build upon the foundation from Key Stage 3.  In Year 10 Students broaden their knowledge and further develop their skills based on popular practitioners.  This includes experimental and political theatre.  In Year 11 Students create assessed performances as well as preparing for their final exam.

How lessons are taught

Lessons are largely practical, with an increased focus on written work during the GCSE years.  Students are encouraged to self-reflect and peer assess to strengthen their analytical skills and to develop their own skillset.

In Year 10 students create a devised performance (usually around 20 minutes in length), and document their process, which is performed in Year 11.  Students also study two plays in Year 11 – one which is performed to an external examiner, and one which they explore for their written exam.