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Design and Technology

Brief overview of KS3 curriculum

Designing and making is a fundamental and essential part of every-day and wider society. It has never been more current and valuable to our Learners. The D&T department is committed to teaching pupils the value and importance of quality designing and making and the impact of their decisions as designers and consumers. The Design and Technology Department are passionate about developing and encouraging creativity, teamwork, determination and resilience in all our pupils. We firmly believe that all pupils should be risk takers and problem solvers and that they should always be encouraged to have a go, and not to be afraid of making mistakes.

Throughout KS3 learners study Design and Technology for 4 hours per fortnight. During each year learners will be taught in 3 areas within Design and Technology. These include food preparation and nutrition, 3D Design and textiles. Due to the practical nature of the subject, lessons are taught with a very ‘hands-on’ approach. This allows the pupils to gain confidence using a wide range of tools, equipment, materials and machinery, to develop skills and make products which they are encouraged to take home. The pupils will be taught about “The Design Process”, and they will have the opportunity to design for themselves, clients and markets. Wherever possible creativity is encouraged to allow pupils to design their own solutions to practical problems. Giving KS3 learners a taster of each of the areas allows them to make informed decisions about studying the subject at KS4.

Meet the team

Mr T Walker - Curriculum Team Leader, Teacher of 3D Design

Mrs S Haywood - Teacher of Food Preparations and Nutrition and Textiles

Miss S Mills - Teacher of Health and Social Care and Textiles

Miss R Giddings - Teacher of Food Preparations and Nutrition and Textiles

Miss A Scott - Teacher of Health and Social Care and Textiles

Mrs S Reynolds - Technician for Design and Technology

Miss A Murtagh - Technician for Food Preparation and Nutrition