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Learners choose their option subjects towards the end of Year 8, this process enables pupils to decide what subjects they want to follow in Key Stage 4 which begins at the start of Year 9.

At The Link Academy we try to offer our pupils an individual pathway that is both challenging but is also bespoke and personalised to each pupil.  All pupils currently continue with the core subjects into Year 9 and follow the following subjects: GCSE English Language and GCSE English Literature, GCSE Mathematics, GCSE Combined Science (which is worth two GCSEs).  All pupils also chose a Humanities option- either GCSE History or GCSE Geography.  Pupils then chose three additional option subjects.  These can be made up of a blend of vocational qualifications: Cambridge Nationals (CNATs), BTECs and traditional GCSE subjects.  Pupils who have a proficiency for modern foreign languages can also be offered the chance to study GCSE French.

There is also an opportunity that certain pupils may be able to opt for GCSE Triple Science; stand-alone GCSEs in Biology, Chemistry and Physics and also GCSE Computer Science.

The current diet of provision offered to all pupils at The Link Academy ensures that all relevant slots are filled in accordance with the Attainment 8 School Accountability measures.

Prior to pupils making their option subject choices they are given key information about all of the subjects available to them through a series of assemblies with subject specialists and parents are invited in to an Information Evening where key information about the pathways process is given by member of the school’s Senior Leadership Team.

At times pupils require additional guidance to help them make appropriate choices.  If this is the case then individual one to one meetings can be set up for parents and pupils.