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Before your exams

Your candidate timetable

Please check your individual timetable carefully. If there are any mistakes on it (e.g. name, date of birth), you must tell your teacher immediately. You must only use your full, legal name for your examinations and this will be the name that appears on your certificates. Mistakes that are not corrected at this stage could mean that your certificate is printed incorrectly and you may be charged to correct it.

You should check to see if you have been entered for all your examinations, and also if you have been entered for the correct tier (‘higher’ or ‘foundation’). If any of this information is wrong or missing, tell your teacher straight away. Check to see if your examinations are in the morning (AM) or in the afternoon (PM), and how long each examination is. This will help you prepare. You must keep the timetable safe. If you lose it ask for a new one, but you might have to wait for it.

Your candidate number

Your candidate number is a 4 digit number and can be found on your timetable. This number relates only to you and should be written on the front of each examination paper. This number will be used for all of your examinations whilst at The Link Academy and it is essential you get this correct.

Clashes and isolation

A ‘clash’ happens when you are timetabled to sit more than one examination at the same time. When this happens you will be asked to sit one examination after another. Between each examination you may be kept in isolation so that you cannot talk to other pupils about the examinations. This is necessary in order to maintain the integrity of an examination, and is not a punishment. A member of staff will be with you while you are in isolation, and you may be with other candidates.

Sometimes you might be asked to sit in isolation if there are significant rooming or staffing issues and you will need to take your examination later than other people. This does not happen very often, and you will be informed by letter if it applies to you.