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Art and Design: Textiles

Course Overview:

  • Textile Design is defined here as the creation of designs and products for woven, knitted, stitched or printed fabrics and involves an understanding of fibres, yarns and fabrics.
  • Learners must explore, acquire and develop skills, knowledge and understanding through the application of techniques and processes specific to their chosen area (s) of study of Textile Design.
  • Learners must explore practical and relevant critical and contextual sources such as the work of historical and contemporary textile designers and the different purposes, intentions and functions of textile design as appropriate to their own work.
  • Learners must demonstrate the knowledge, skills and understanding through area (s) of study relevant to Textile Design. Learners are required to work in one or more area (s) of Textile Design, such as those listed below.

Combinations of these areas are also possible:

Constructed textiles, Digital textiles, Dyed fabrics, Printed fabrics, Fashion design, Installed textiles, Soft furnishings and Stitched and/or embellished textiles.