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Art and Design: Photography

Key Stage 3 

Students work with cameras in year 8, to look at com-positional work of photo's, to enable them to use good images to base their art work and paintings upon.

Key Stage 4

Students study photography in year 9 and 10. In year 9 they learn the basic skills of photography to enable them to take better photographs and understanding the settings. These skills are then used to help with portfolio work, which is 60% of their photography GCSE. Along with learning about the camera and its setting, skills within Photoshop are developed. Again, students are taught the basic skills which they then go on to develop higher skills and techniques if needed for their coursework and finally their exam.

Students explore a topic using the camera, showing skills and techniques with a creative eye. In year 10 students complete their portfolio work and finally have their exam paper which is 40% of their overall grade. They then explore their chosen theme for the exam, showing knowledge and understanding of the camera and other digital manipulation sites and apps.

How lessons are taught

Students work largely interdependently. Some class based work where students will be shown how to present their ideas, photographs and developments. There is also out of class work completed throughout the year where students will be allowed to explore the school to help enhance and develop their skills and ideas with their chosen portfolio.