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Art and Design: Fine Art

Key Stage 3 

Year 7 students study basic skills in drawing and various media. These largely focus on optical art and cultures from around the world.

Year 8 – Complete a project on ‘sweets’ - exploring photorealistic painting of Sarah Graham. Developing  drawing skills and exploring composition with a camera and developing a final piece with a Pop Art influence.   Following on from this students complete a 3D exploration topic developing construction techniques.

Key Stage 4

Year 9 - Exploring Surrealism artists - developing observational drawing skills and idea exploration - leading onto Fantastic Beasts project to extend surreal ideas based on the book/film. Portraiture project - developing various skills through varied artist styles of a portrait using different media and photoshop.

Year 10 - coursework project/s assessed upon 4 Assessment Objectives. Starting points can vary for this project to suit the learner.

Year 11 - completion of coursework project and presentation. January-May  a project (choice out of 5 different starting point) set by the exam board

How lessons are taught

In Year 7 and 8 student explore a variety of media as a whole class using pencil, crayon, watercolour/poster/acrylic paints, oil and chalk pastels, paper/card/wire/clay constructions. 

GCSE students develop skills and improve independence with own work and using 1:1 time with the teachers to discuss their next steps.