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After your exams


You will be informed when your results are available. Please remember that we can only issue results to the candidate unless we have written permission from you to release them to someone else. Please note that your results slips is provisional and does not count as a certificate.

If you are worried about your result or think you have been graded incorrectly you must inform your teacher straight away. There is a limited time when we can ask for your paper to be checked. Due to the potential costs incurred, this will be at the discretion of the school.


Only your official, original certificates will be accepted by universities, colleges and employers as a record of your academic achievement. It is essential that you keep these safe as the school is not able to obtain replacements.

It is the school’s policy to keep all certificates in storage until these are dispatched to learners in November, after their final exams. If they need their certificates before this then they should contact the school as we may be able to release them to you.

If you lose your certificates then it is sometimes possible to obtain replacements from the examination boards. This will be the candidate’s responsibility and there is usually a significant charge (of at least £35 per examination board).