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Home Learning Update

We will continue to reward learners with merits for homework that has been completed to a good standard. The ‘sanctions’ for home learning will be changing after the Christmas break and will no longer just result in a line.

Instead, the following will occur:

  • No homework completed – logged on class charts (does not class as a line but allows parents/carers to see if they log on).  Conversation with learner to establish any potential issues.

  • 2nd occasion of no homework completed – logged on class charts and a text home informing parents/carers and asking for them to support us in ensuring home learning is complete.
  • 3rd occasion of no homework completed – logged on class charts, text home and arrangements made for learner to attend break/lunch/after school for 10 minutes to go through any issues/potential barriers.
  • Continued non-completion to be followed up with a referral to Homework Club. If a learner doesn’t attend on the day given, this will automatically lead to an SLT Detention for the next available Friday.

Where homework is identified as an issue across more than two subjects, learning manager to intervene with a phone call home and a regular weekly homework club session to be arranged.

Parents/carers are encouraged to download the Class Charts Parent App, which provides live updates on their child's behaviour including merits and lines that are awarded. Further information on accessing this can be found on our website and social media platforms.