Hillcrest School and Community College

Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT)

The Link Academy fully support NQT teachers during their induction year. As well as a comprehensive training schedule, these teachers have individual mentors, weekly meetings and regular observations. NQTs also go on an activity day at the end of the induction period. 

The purpose of the activity day is to consolidate what they have achieved in their first year and discuss and develop their individual teaching methods, as well as develop teamwork and communication skills.

Newly qualified teachers quite often have worked at our school during their teacher training university courses on placement. This gives them greater insight into the way the school works. The school also benefits from employing highly enthusiastic and motivated young teachers who possess up-to-date teaching skills. 

Comments from our NQTs

"Completing a GTP at this school was extremely enjoyable. The support from my department and the whole school allowed my training to run smoothly. The time spent here has been rewarding. The pupils here have been a fantastic support to my career development within education. I now look forward to my NQT year here at this school and feel very privileged to continue working within a fantastic environment."

"My NQT was an enjoyable and rewarding start to my teaching career. The school offered me a great amount of constant support to ensure the transition from QTS to a successful NQT was as smooth as possible. The training and guidance that I received from Training School was informative, relevant and well structured to secure my development throughout the year. To celebrate the completion of my NQT year, Training School took all NQTs on a two-day residential trip. We took part in some team building activities and had the opportunity to take part in activities such as mountain boarding, canoeing and high roped activities which was brilliant. I can honestly say I am looking forward to a strong future here."

"My first year in teaching has been hard-work and a steep learning curve, but a thoroughly rewarding year building new relationships with staff and pupils. The well-structured NQT programme has fully supported the needs of new teachers and has offered regular and timely training sessions addressing the demands of the job at different points throughout the academic year. Weekly mentor meetings have offered sympathetic guidance from a fully-experienced member of staff on how to develop as a new professional, and advice given has always been personalised to consider the specific strengths and targets of the NQT. A very worthwhile and enjoyable year which has laid solid foundations for the future teaching career that lies ahead".

"I found the NQT programme to be an integral part of the thorough preparation I was given for my first year at the school. In particular, the mentoring aspect was excellent which was not only from my dedicated mentor but from so many wonderfully helpful and supportive teachers, learning support assistants and leadership team members".