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Severe Weather

Severe Weather

During severe weather conditions it may be necessary to close the school. Notifications to parents/carers of this will be via:

  • Group call (text message)
  • Black Country Radio 102.5 FM
  • School website - Please note it may not always be possible for us to update the school web site with the latest information on school closures so you should always check the radio station.
  • You can also check the Dudley MBC web site for information on blanket closures throughout the region.


If parents do not hear anything via these communications then they are to assume the school is open and all pupils should attend school as normal. 

When making a decision whether to close the school, health and safety is always taken into consideration and we are aware of balancing the risks between pupils and staff making hazardous journeys and the loss of a school day. A decision will be made to either open with a full school or close fully. In addition if the weather deteriorates significantly during the course of the day conditions would be monitored and parents would be kept informed of any changes.  The only exception to this would be the need to continue with any examinations that are taking place.

Please make sure your contact information is up-to-date in case we need to contact you.