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Letter from the New Principal

Letter from the New Principal

Dear Parent/Carer

It is with great pleasure that I write to you as the new Principal of The Link Academy from January 2019. As a former student of Hillcrest School and Community College I am extremely proud to be returning with the huge privilege of leading the Academy. As a locally raised and educated person I am acutely aware of the vital importance that Secondary Education plays in the ambitions and aspirations of the young people of our local community. It is my intention to ensure that every young person’s life chances are enhanced by their education and experiences at The Link. As part of Dudley Academies Trust, we will ensure that the key values outlined below are at the heart of all that we do.

Our Core Values:

  • Dreaming big
  • Rewarding effort
  • Leading together
  • Respecting each other and our world
  • Learning that inspires

Our role with you is a partnership, where students, staff, parents and the local community work together to educate and develop our young people. I believe that our students are capable, talented and ambitious and I am certain that you share our aim to support them to achieve their future dreams. I am a firm believer that effort pays off and plan to instil a strong work ethic amongst our students. We want students to feel incredibly proud of their achievements and as a result we will ensure that we reward their effort and success.

As teaching staff, we will ensure that we plan lessons that challenge and engage our learners. Our staff are committed to a teacher development programme where we are constantly reviewing and reflecting upon our own teaching to improve education for all. My top priority is to ensure that staff are able to plan and deliver great lessons with timely and meaningful feedback which improves student progress.  Alongside the Academy Trust we will ensure that we continue to work on the school environment and provide the best resources for our learners.

As always, we will expect the very best behaviour from our young people. Students will be expected to be polite and respectful and any abusive, aggressive or inappropriate conduct will not be tolerated. As a Leadership Team and staff we will continue to work hard to embed our Values Driven Expectations Behaviour Policy. Although rewards will remain at the centre of our approach, negative behaviour will be dealt with in a consistent and clear manner to ensure that learners are able to thrive in a positive and productive learning environment. As I am sure you will agree, we will not allow the progress of our learners to be jeopardised by the poor behaviour of a small minority of students. I am looking forward to working with you to ensure that we support excellent behaviour both in school and out in the local community.

The expectations for uniform are very clear, all students must wear the new Academy logo blazer and tie. Trainers are not acceptable footwear. I would much prefer to focus our conversations on student progress and achievements and therefore the uniform is a set expectation for all students, one which we will not negotiate on.

Attendance to school is of critical importance to ensure that the progress of your child is maximised. We would like every child to aim to have an attendance of 100% and will reward all learners that manage to achieve excellent attendance during the academic year. There is a very clear link between attendance and achievement and in cases where a child’s attendance falls to 90% this would equate to half a school year over the course of their five years at The Link! We will ensure that attendance is tracked very closely and in the event of a decline, we will contact you quickly to ensure that your child can get back on track to avoid any impact on their progress.

Early in the Spring Term I will contact you again to invite you to a Principal Introduction Evening where there will be a chance to meet me and also to ask questions to the Senior Leadership Team. In the meantime, can I remind you that the Spring Term starts for students on Tuesday 8 January 2019.

Finally, may I take this opportunity to wish you and your families a happy and safe festive period and I look forward to working with you all from January onwards.

Yours faithfully


Mrs Emma Edwards-Morgan

Principal (January 2019)