Key Stage 4 Creative Arts

GCSE Drama

Key characteristics of performance texts and dramatic works including social, historical and cultural contexts. How meaning is interpreted and communicated through the use of performance conventions including symbols, space, resources and props. The design of set, props, costume, lighting and sound. Theatre terminology used by theatre makers and how to use it appropriately. How to develop vocal and physical interpretation of character.


GCSE Dance

Pupils studying dance will develop and extend their understanding in the following areas;

  • Unit 1 – Critical appreciation of dance
    Pupils will analyse two professional works from two different choreographers, studying various aspects such as production, choreography and the relationships between them.
  • Unit 2 –Set study
    Pupils will learn and perform a set dance choreographed by the exam board and assessed on their performance skills.
  • Unit 3 – Group dance performance
    This is developed in lessons with a focus on developing physical/ expressive/technical skills, communicating the choreographic intent and demonstrating safe working practices.
  • Unit 4a – Solo choreography
    Movements from a professional work are learnt and developed by the pupils into a performance piece, showing an understanding of the choreographic process.
  • Unit 4b – Duo/Group choreography
    Pupils choreograph their own dances based on a prescribed list of stimuli, again demonstrating their understanding and application of the choreographic process.


GCSE Music

Pupils studying music will develop and extend their understanding in the following areas:

  • By engaging actively in the process of music study, students will develop their performing skills both individually and in groups to communicate musically with fluency and control. They will acquire composing skills allowing them to organise musical and broaden their musical experience and interests. Students will develop awareness of a variety of instruments, styles and approaches to performing and composing including music technologies and their use in the creation and presentation of music.

Pupils who take GCSE Music will apply their knowledge and skills through three skill areas:

  • Performing - Pupils will be required to perform with technical control and expression. This can be done by playing on their chosen instrument, singing or producing music using music technology.
  • Composing - Pupils will make their own music. This will be a piece of their own choice as well as a piece in response to instructions given by the examination board.
  • Appraise - Pupils will analyse and evaluate music through listening and writing.

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