Key Stage 4

Year 9, 10 and 11

Following the schools ‘Pathways’ process at the end of Year 8, Year 9 pupils begin the study of a wide range of academic and high quality vocational qualifications at Key Stage 4.  The Key Stage 4 curriculum offers a broad and balanced approach that meets the needs of each pupil as well as ensuring the school meets ‘Progress 8/Attainment 8’ accountability measures.

English Baccalaureate

As well as meeting accountability measures for ‘Progress 8’, pupils will have the opportunity to choose subjects to allow them to achieve the full ‘English Bacculareate’ through the study of English, mathematics, science, humanities and a modern foreign language.  Pupils will be identified based on prior attainment and offered the chance to consider this route during the pathways process.


The school currently subscribes to ‘Show My Homework’, an online application that allows parents to view homework.  A length of time per subject per week is allocated for homework.  The amount of time allocated to each subject depends on the subject itself, as well as the age and ability of the individual pupil.  For homework purposes the core subjects are mathematics, English and science.  All other subjects are non-core.

Examination policy

Normally the school enters pupils for GCSE, BTEC and CNAT examinations at the end of Year 11.  In some cases pupils may be entered for public examinations prior to Year 11.  At the discretion of the school certain pupils will be re-entered for examinations where appropriate.  To view further information regarding examinations please see our examinations page.