Key Stage 4 Physical Education


Pupils studying GCSE PE will develop and extend their understanding of the following areas:

  • Applied anatomy and physiology – Key body stems and how they impact on health, fitness and performance
  • Movement analysis – The basic principles of movement in physical activity
  • Physical training – Principles of training and how they are used
  • Sports psychology – Psychological
  • factors that can affect performance
  • Socio-cultural influences – How they affects and impacts on sport
  • Health fitness and well-being – Various benefits of participating in sport
  • Practical Performance – Participation in a range of different activities


Cambridge Nationals - Sport

Pupils studying CNAT Sport will develop and extend their understanding in the following areas:

  • Reducing the Risk of Injuries – Written exam
  • Applying Principles of Training – Coursework
  • The Body’s response to physical activity – Coursework
  • Sports Nutrition – Coursework

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