Key Stage 4 Computing

GCSE Computing

Students studying Computing will develop and extend their understanding in the following areas:

Knowledge and Understanding:

  • Current and developing technologies and how they work
  • How particular computer programs and algorithms work
  • How text, sound, and graphics inside computers are represented by using binary and hexadecimals
  • Solving problems using Boolean logic
  • The purpose and functionality of systems software, including the operating system and utility software
  • Characteristics of computer systems including hardware, storage and networks
  • Ethical, legal and environmental impacts of digital technology on wider society, including issues of privacy and cyber security
  • Characteristics and purpose of different levels of programming language, including low-level language


  • Problem solving including the use of decomposition and abstraction, and make use of conventions including pseudo code and flowcharts
  • Design, write, test and refine programs, using one or more high level programming language to a specification or to solve a problem
  • Evaluate the fitness for purpose of algorithms in meeting requirements efficiently using logical reasoning and test data
  • Apply computing-related mathematics


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