Key Stage 3 Science

Curriculum Overview

Year 7 pupils begin the year in form groups and are later streamed into sets. Science is taught for three hours each week. Pupils are initially assessed when they first start Year 7 to provide relevant and achievable targets. During each topic pupils complete an assessed task. Tests are given at the end of each topic. There is also an end of year examination. How the work in Year 7 builds on the work in Year 6. Primary liaison work has enabled a higher level of understanding of work covered at Key Stage 2 which we use in our revision and planning. Year 8 work revisits and builds upon some of the main concepts covered in Year 7. Differentiated resources, work schemes and tests are used to challenge the most able pupils. The curriculum is differentiated along with resources to help support pupils of all abilities. Pupils with additional educational needs may be supported, in small groups or individually, by learning support assistants.