Key Stage 3 Modern Foreign Languages

As a department, we aim to instil in pupils an interest and appreciation of the value, importance and pleasure of learning a foreign language. Pupils study a wide variety of topics in Years 7 and 8, including:

  • Everyday activities: home life, school subjects, food and drink, health and fitness.
  • Personal and social life: self, family and pets, greetings, numbers and dates, leisure activities, transport and holidays.
  • The world around us: house and town, weather, countries and nationalities.

Pupils develop their skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing and assessments take place on a half termly basis. Regular feedback is provided to pupils, allowing them to track their progress and set targets for improvement. Pupils are encouraged to use the language creatively and apply it to real life situations and opportunities for independent learning as well as team work are provided. The AQA FCSE qualification is completed in Year 8 and awarded in Year 9.