Hillcrest Post 16 Collegiate Partnership with Halesowen College

This collaboration is one way in which  Hillcrest can support community cohesion by helping to reduce the number of  young people in the Dudley Borough who are classed as NEETs (Not in Education  Employment or Training).  Our partnership work with Halesowen College is now in its  second year. During 2011-12 fifteen AS Level students have been receiving  weekly tutorials on college site from a Hillcrest member of staff.  These tutorials have enabled students to make  a successful transition from GCSEs to the demands of AS courses.  They have also enabled Hillcrest School  to provide pastoral support to these students.   In addition to AS students the partnership has also supported students who are enrolled on Level 2 and Level 3 vocational courses.  These students have been able to attend Hillcrest on a weekly basis and use the school’s facilities to complete their college assignments.


Another key feature of our Collegiate Partnership is to provide college students with mentoring opportunities that  will support the progress and attainment of Hillcrest pupils.  In 2011-12 Level 3 vocational students have  delivered mentoring in:  PE, Music, Drama  and Dance and this year’s AS college students have been mentoring Year 11 pupils to support them with important GCSE exams in Maths and Science. We are looking to develop our Post 16  Mentoring Programme next year to support the school’s focus on Key Stage 3  literacy. 

Over 30 of our current Year 11 pupils have  already applied to be part of the Partnership in 2012-13 and our collaborative links with the college have been shared with parents at our Year 11 Progress  Evening and also at Halesowen College Open Days in November 2011 and January  2012. 

"We are delighted to be partnering Halesowen College in supporting our former pupils  in their further education, we believe we can make a real contribution to their  success."

For further information on the partnership please speak to Mr N Szygowski.